– is a online website, that helps uses to advertise their properties online for free. I started creating this project after dropping, but unlike now i learned a lot about web development technologies and now i am in my final year of my college, while developing this project. i had lot of college work to do in my final year, therefore i know i cant spend more time on this project, so i was looking for the easiest way to do it.

I downloaded a HTML theme form and modified it according to my requirements, then using my knowledge on PHP and MYSQL database i was able to complete this project put it live within 3months. at that moment looked like this.

Although i completed the site successfully and running it properly, i was not happy about  the amount of customer and visitors to the site, so i thought something need to change and i decided to redevelop the website with new interface theme and latest technologies.

Now i have finished my college and i had lot of free time and i started working as a PHP developer in one of the big web development companies in Sri Lanka. But i was not paid enough to fulfill my basic needs with the salary i was getting as a fresher. So i started doing project for other people as a freelancer, this gave me a wast knowledge on Codeigniter ( A beautiful and easy learning PHP framework). With this knowledge on technologies i started redeveloping the website, as usual i download the HTML theme from and started modifying it to my expatiation and using my knowledge on Codeigniter i created a fully working product, where users can login and post their properties by themselves and using the admin panel i will decide weather to display the properties or not. This project took almost around 6 months to complete. Now the site looks much better than, ah i forget to tell, i changed the name and re-branded the site as Now the site looks like this

with this design and function, I made lot of promotions on facebook and google ad-words. But i was still not happy about the number of users.

I am a mobile application consultant with 7 years of experience in IT industry .

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