is a entertainment website that display funny images, animations with memos. Actually i never planned for this website. This time i was working in a telecommunication company in Sri Lanka, here i used to write scripts for servers. so i was doing some research on servers and testing some of my automated scripts, eventually i ran that script on one of the popular entertainment website and download all their resources from their server with in 3 hours. I downloaded 18000 image assets from that entertainment website in 3hours, that’s  a huge amount of resources. Now i thought of putting this resource in a useful way.

So now i wrote a simple algorithm to sort this images in to categories and get the image name, strip all the unwanted characters and use it as a database field. Now i have the resources and database ready, i then downloaded a HTML theme from and developed a website  using codeigniter with in a month and put it live. It is still live at the time of writing this article. Please visit :

I am a mobile application consultant with 7 years of experience in IT industry .

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