This is my 7th website i ever created back in 2014. Its a simple website, help developers to decrypt and encrypt MD5 hashes. Yes we all know, there is no way you can decrypt md5 hashes, because the algorithm is designed in a way that the original values are lost during the process of encrypting a md5 hash.

I created a huge database by converting all the text from oxford dictionary to md5 hashes and saving it in a database, i wrote an simple algorithm to do this task and ¬†unlike all the other websites i developed, i didn’t spent much time on this website. i was able to complete this project with in a week and put it live.

But this time i had good adsense account, i added it to the website and run it for about a year, but was unable to cover even the domain and hosting expenses with the amount i was getting from adsense. so i decided to drop the website.


I am a mobile application consultant with 7 years of experience in IT industry .

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