My first website :

This is a the first website i ever created back in 2013. I started this  project in my school days, because i had a strong interest in Tamil music, those days i also used work part-time in a communication shop in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka. There i used to download huge amount of Tamil music from online resources for my customers. Gradually i started collecting playlist and after about an year i had collection of 60 GB of playlist. with this collection i thought of making my own MP3 website, so after thinking and searching for domain names with some of my friends for days, i found this name called ISAITHULI.COM  (Means music drop in Tamil), I immediately bought the domain name and started the project.

Then on those days, i didn`t had any knowledge on web development, but with the support of my friend, his name is  JERI, i learned dream viewer (an old web development IDE ) and started developing the site. You can see the screen shot of the site i developed, below.

This site is entirely made of HTML and CSS, although i send more than 3 months to develop this site, i found it really difficult to update the site manually.  So i decided to move on and look for something that can automate the process and reduce my work and time i spend on this site. Then i found this tool called Joomla a web development framework, i learned Joomla and redeveloped the site again, but it took more than 6 months. Now the site is better than before and most important thing is that i can automate most of the process like adding new album.

Now i have the website running smoothly and i was happy, but i couldn’t make any money out of it, i tried google Adsense but they rejected the application due to copyright issues.



I am a mobile application consultant with 7 years of experience in IT industry .

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