Caught a pikachu – pokemon go

Although i have played many games, i have never thought of writing anything about games before on my blog. This is the first time i am writing about games. I love games as many other mobile developers do. The first computer game i ever played is Dangerous dave, I managed to get up to level 9 but never completed it, Then i played prince of persia the DOS game and then super mario so on. I have also played games like age of empires 3, house of death, call of duty 3 and clash of clans etc. Reason for me writing this article is yesterday (14th December 2016) there was a game officially released in Sri Lanka its none other than the Pokemon go. Pokemon go is the first augmented reality game i ever played, Its really a interesting game. I love the game so much, in just two days of release i have caught 108 pokemon out of 250 and i have also caught pikachu today.

screenshot_20161215-112906    screenshot_20161215-130232   screenshot_20161215-144742

I am gone continue playing this game and also i will write more articles when i found something interesting that i can share with you people. 🙂


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