Calico QR- code System

Calico is a Sri Lankan company  that manufacture Cords and tapes. Their main customers are Adidas and Nike, company’s manufacturing plant is located at Negombo,  Sri Lannka. Recently they approached us to develop a QR-Code generating  software for their packing section. Which they can put it on their boxes  and access the QR-code using their mobile to get entire details  about the package eg: contents, current location and invoice.

We were able to complete this project successfully, within few weeks. To accomplish this task we used technologies such as PHP, Mysql, HTML, CSS and Javascript. For Qr-code generating process, i used a third party library called phpqrcode developed by Alexandre Assouad, you can check his librarys at github-account.

Here is the code snippet for adding phpqrcode library.

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