Smart Home IOT Project

Smart Home is the technology used to improve security and control your home using the variety of IOT sensors combined and working together to make the user’s life easier. This is the Singaporean Company project, This project uses the variety of technologies such as  Zwave communication, MQTT for sensors real-time communication, Alexa, Google Home, Door sensors, Multi Sensors, Motion Sensors, temperature sensors, Z-wave switch, temperature sensors and the list goes on and on…

My role as a sole IOS developer in a research and development team, I developed this project from start till the completion as an individual developer. I gained tremendous amount of knowledge on various aspects such as programming IOS, Swift, X-code, Objective-C, MQTT, Z – wave, API implementations, IOT components, Human Interface designs and many more

Some screenshots of the app I developed.

I am a Software Engineer.

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