Installing Google chrome in Ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial lets look on how to install Google chrome in Ubuntu 16.04.

Lets get started.

1) First do an update and install Wget. Use the below command to update Ubuntu packages and install Wget

2) Download the current stable version package using wget.

3) Force installing dependencies and install package

4) Now you have successfully installed google chrome, but you will not see it unless you restart your machine. use the below command to restart your machine.

That’s it.

Ubuntu 16.04 – Move the side bar to bottom

As we all know one of the new feature announced in Ubuntu 16.04 is moving your sidebar or launcher position. In this article i will share the command that will help you to move your launcher position to bottom.

Just use the below command to move your launcher to bottom of the screen.

And if you want to move the launcher to its original position to its original position (left) use the below command.

Hope this helps. Thank you. 🙂

Download entire website using wget

Downloading the entire website is very simple using wget. Just follow these few steps.

1) Make a directory – It can be any name you want.(i will name this as my_blog)

2) Navigate to that directory

3) Run the below code

Thats it……..

If you want to run this in a background

then run

Note: This feature will not work on high secured websites.