Alternatives for Adsense – Are they really helpful?

I haveĀ been blocked from Google Adsense about 5 years back for doing some illegal clicks. From that day onwords i been looking alternatives for Google adsense. I have done some research and found the best two alternatives uses suggest. they are

1) Infolinks
2) Chitika

Now the question is do they pay well like adsense?. Are they really helpful to website owners?
In my experience as a Asian users i would strongly say No. Its no worth at all.

Here is my experience
To test these programs i wasted my time and developed two websites on my own they are and Then i added those programs one by one and tested the results. the following paragraphs will show the results i obtained from these programs.

Infolinks is one the popular ad publisher program that most uses suggest as the best alternative for Google Adsense. I implemented the program and this is my result.

As you can see from the above report. It payed me $0.01 when i could gave only 75 page views, but when the page views has risen almost to 1k it didn’t pay me anything. This is sort of really stupid.

Mostly infolinks use popups to display the ads. which really irritates the visitors of the website as the result i gradually started to loose my visitors to the website. Not only this infolinks slows down my page by 15%. This has increased the bounce rate of my website.

Conclusion : I dont know how it might help the US and Canada users, but as a Asian user i would suggest implementing the infolinks on the website is of no use. Not only it don’t pay, it will also increase the page loading time and increase your websites bounce rate. This will lead you to loose your visitors and irritate the users by sending popups. Which is of no use at all.

This is one of the another alternative for Google Adsense that many users suggest. This company was formed by group of Indians in Silicon Valley and they are the Partners for Yahoo publishers. Al though this is a very big company and they hold some of very big publishers. They are almost same as infolinks when it comes to Asian users.

This is the result i get after implementing the chitika program on my websites.

As you can see from the report i dint pay me at all. But its bit different from Infolinks. It don’t send popups or increase any websites bounce rate. The only problem i identified is that most of the time it don’t show any ads.

Conclusion : Although Chitika don’t send popups and irrite the users or increase your website bounce rate, it use no worth of having something that don’t benefit you in any ways. Therefore i suggest you as a Asian users users chitika is of no use, it just holds the space in your website for no reason.

Finally I suggest you, if you have a Google Adsense account use it properly. Make sure you stick to their policy, because if you loose your Adsense account you will really feel for it as i do now. As a Asian user i would strongly say that there is no alternatives that can be as much supportive like Adsense.

What i do now?
I don’t do any Publisher programs now, but i am concentrating on affiliate programs. Don’t know how that is going do for me. Sure i will share my affiliate program experience in future.

Mean while i will also develop an education related website and try to get my Adsense program back.