Protect Yourself From WannaCry Ransomware Attacks

Last week the earth experienced a largest global Ransomware attack in internet history and we were not able to defend or handle it, rather we are just good at calculating the damage caused but Wannacry program. The damages are in both human lives at hospitals and in dollars. This malware has encrypted more than 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries.

What is a Ransomware?

It is a simple computer malicious program written by programmers and often transmitted by emails as a attachment. Once the user try to download the attachment from the mail by double clicking the program will execute and start doing its work. First it will encrypt all the files and folders in your computer and then it will look for SMB ( Server Message Block ) connection in network, then the  Ransomware is spread to other computers in your network through SMB network connection.

In this particular wannacry program when the user try to open his files  and folders, it opens a program saying “oops your files have been encrypted” , It also asks you to pay a $300 to $600 in bitcoin to restore access to your files and folders. If you failed to make the payment within 7days your files will be permanently deleted from your system.

what are the major casualties?

An estimate of 40 hospital in UK has been fully effected by this attack and some of them had lead to fully close the out patient department for days.

Unapproved online sources says, there are company’s paid up to $60,000  to regain accesses to their files, but since the Bitcoin currency is virtual account and the bitcoin account owner is anonymous, its hard to find who had really paid and how much he earned.

 Is the malware currently active?

According David Kennedy, cyber security consultant formerly with the NSA, who looked in to the original program says that software is outdated now and it is not harming any PC at the moment.

How to avoid these type of situations?

These types of situations are really rare, but can happen any time. I will give you some suggestion to be prepared defend this type of situation.

  1. No matter what, always keep a backup somewhere in external resource that is not connected to internet.
  2. keep your computer up to date, always make sure to install all the security update released by the operating system.
  3. Beware of what you execute from your emails and popups.
  4. Use good Antivirus software. (It will slowdown your PC but it will prevent you from being a victim)
  5. Learn and use Linux, because most of these virus effect only Microsoft Operating system.

Hope this article will help you. please leave your comments and suggestion below. Thank you 🙂